the best of 52|250's fourth quarter


For this last quarterly, we highlight a few works which made our final quarter’s pages visually exceptional. Here we give you some of the unusual pieces we featured between weeks 40 and 52 which made our weeks burst with color and life.
A Friend in Her by Angelique Moselle Price  
A Friend in Her was featured in Week #42: Under Wraps.

Angelique has created a large body of work done entirely in markers. She has mastered this medium with remarkable skill resulting in an energetic and riveting execution. She has invented a method that makes her work stand out in its originality and vibrancy.

totem plate by Peter Schwartz  
This art feature headlined our pages on Week #43: To the Core. Peter Schwartz offered this about the piece’s creation:

“When I was painting ‘totem plate’ I was very interested in texture and bodies. The simple, minimalist figure against a textural background illuminated by a circle of light can be a symbol of many things: endurance, hope, protection. A clear definition of the totem plate and its origins is not available at this time.”

the light by Jennifer L. Tomaloff

The Light was the artwork in Week #46: Another World. Jennifer L. Tomaloff told us this about her art:

“This photograph was taken while on a spring retreat in the northwoods of Wisconsin. The glow of green and orange, along with the sound of the wind slithering through the pines made this particular night feel very surreal.”

She knows by aLnym (Aljoscha Lahner) 

She Knows is the portrait we selected as the artwork for Week #47: Blind Spot. aLnym told us about this piece:

“This is the first piece of a set of paintings for my portfolio. When I paint I don’t watch the colors which come to me. I basically just watch the saturation and dark- or lightness of the color to match into the painting. The work is a process of painting layers over layers… a technique and style, already present in other pieces, but not as clear. Therefore this work is an important cornerstone for me.”

Hello Moon by Abby Braman  
Hello Moon was the perfect piece for Week #50: Home Sweet Home. Abby Braman shared this with us:

“I didn’t have anything too specific in mind when I created this. I was listening to one of my favorite bands, Elliott Brood — a dark folk band, and the ambiance of the song just put images of seedy motels out west and dead bodies in the back of someone’s trunk in my head. Not that this piece is super ‘dark’ but I used a bit of that influence from that specific song I was listening to, and Hello Moon was the end result. I enjoy the feeling this piece gives me (and hopefully the viewer), an eerie, yet serene vibe. The kind of vibe that makes you think, “this is awfully creepy, yet I’d like to walk around in this painting.” It was painted in water color paints on water color paper. My artwork tends to lean towards the dark, yet beautiful atmospheric side.”


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